Jody Sheeley


Jody started boxing at the age of 15 at an old gym in downtown Norwich. He trained alongside former local pros John DeCastro and Felix Nance. Throughout the 80's, he trained at gyms in Hartford and Southeastern CT honing his skills.  At the age of 30 he walked away from boxing to start a family.  In 2003, he opened his own gym in Norwich out of his garage called "2nd Chance Gym", where he trained many amateur fighters. He ran his gym for three years and during that time his young boxers competed successfully in local, regional, and national tournaments.  

Jody was a firefighter for 21 years and retired from the City of Norwich in 2007.  For the past 13 years he has run and owned a landscaping business that keeps him very busy.  

​After taking several years off from being a boxing trainer, Jody came to Team Strike Zone, in October 2015, to temporarily assist with the boxing program.  He found that he really liked the feel of the gym and has decided to stay on as a coach for Strike Zone Boxing.  Jody is looking forward to continuing to be a part of Team Strike Zone as a boxing trainer, and being active again in one of his passions in life.