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January 26, 2019

Fight Night - Muay Thai

B&F Gym, Pawtucket, RI

Randy Francis won his 1st Muay Thai bout with a Unanimous Decision. All the hard work and determination is paying off. Great job kid!!! Also, thanks to Coach Jody Sheeley and John DeCastro for coaching and helping get Randy ready for this fight. 

February 24, 2019

CT Kids State Championship

Hillhouse High School, New Haven, CT

Well, it was a long hard day at States. After one of the best seasons we had at Strike Zone, it was a tough one for some of our boys. Almost all won a couple of matches in some hard 16 man brackets but today was just one of those days. All our coaches and parents are so proud of these kids for all the hard work and dedication that they put in this season. So James, Cal, Cam, Lukas, and Zach, keep your head up and get ready for next week, the off season starts.

As for Max, Max did not want to wrestle this year and mom says you're going to have to talk him into it. And what do you know, last week this over achiever places 3rd qualifying him for the States. Today he wrestled his butt off and scrapped for everything he could get and shocked a lot of people. He took 4th place in the CT State Championships. Maximus, Coach D and whole Strike Zone family is proud of you!!!

January 27, 2019

Redman Rumble

Killingly High School, Dayville, CT

Today was one of the toughest tournaments of the year. We had a rough but rewarding day. Calvin and Nicholas each had 9 matches in two different brackets, with Calvin coming away with a Gold and Silver and Nicholas came away with a Gold. Cameron, also went undefeated, and won Gold. James, Zach and Max had an awesome day bringing home Silver. Jesse and Joey battled hard and brought home Bronze. Aiden, Drake, Sam, and Lucas had some awesome matches, had some wins, but missed the medal round. Parents and coaches are so proud of these young men!!!

February 10, 2019

New Britain PAL Twisters Tournament

New Britain High School, New Britain, CT

Wrestled in Hard Hittin New Britain today. After losing a bunch of kids to the flu this weekend we still came home with some nice hardware. In the morning session with the little guys, Aiden "A-Train" was on a mission of seek and destroy. Nothing was stopping him today as he brought home the Gold, along with Drake the Snake who just Beasted kids like a man amongst children. Nicholas, in just his third tournament, looked awesome and brought home Silver. Mason had a rough day in a tough bracket but never quit and took 4th place. Suga Shane did not medal but not for lack of trying. He fought non-stop all day loosing two matches by decision. In the afternoon with our Big Boys, Jesse took home Gold, Lukas and Zach both wrestled great and grabbed Silver, and James and Lucas both had to scrap today, had some really good matches and brought home Bronze. Joey kept banging every match with some monsters. He didn't medal but love that never say die attitude. Great job boys!!!

March 3, 2019

Whaling City Classic

New London High School, New London, CT

Wrestled in New London today. Brought a great crew and had an awesome day. 1st place Golds from Lucas, Drake the Snake, Calvin and Cameron. Silver medals from Sam, Aiden, and James, and Bronze from Joey. Lukas, with the toughest bracket all year took 4th. Great job by our boys today. Coaches and parents are proud of you!

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January 6, 2019

Fisher Cats at SW

​South Windsor High School, South Windsor, CT

WRASTLING! This is what it's about. Today in South Windsor our kids struck GOLD! We had 6 Golds, 2 Silvers, and 3 Bronze, everyone received a medal. Calvin again stepped up and took Gold in his age group and Gold in an age group above him, total Stud. Also, brother Cameron hit Gold, Zach took Gold, Drake took Gold, and Nicholas took Gold in his age group and Bronze in an age group above him. Jesse and James picked up Silver, and Joey and Aiden both grabbed Bronze. Awesome day for this Strike Zone crew. Coach Jesse, Coach Jeremy, and Coach D, along with all the parents are wicked proud of these Monsters!

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February 2, 2019

CT Way State Championships

Norwalk High School, Norwalk, CT

Three of our hardcore wrestlers went to war. First, was Calvin in a stacked weight class and he did not disappoint. He pinned all three opponents to take home the Gold medal. This kid is just a machine! Then big brother Cameron won his first two matches to make it to the finals where he squared off with one of Mayo Quanchi's best and what a war it was after 11-11 at the end of regulation. Cam lost in overtime but it was a great match to watch. Hats off to the winner and to Cam for showing all of us what a beast he is and his never say die attitude! James "Bad Moon Rising" ran into a couple studs but never gave up. He lost a couple of close matches, the last one being a 3-0 decision. Way to scrap kid! These kids wrestled today and will be wrestling again tomorrow. Great job kids! We are all proud of you youngsters!

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January 27, 2019

Newington Beginner's Tournament

Newington High School, Newington, CT

This a true heart warming story to read of a young boy named Shane who came into the gym about five months ago to wrestle. The kids at school said "they're not going to let you on their team". Shane has Cerebral Palsy, but this kid refused to quit or believe what any doctors or anyone else had told him. In our practice room he is just another wrestler, some good days, some rough days. Coach D actually goes a little harder on him because it's harder for him to do some of the things that other wrestlers do. Shane does it and never complains. After the first week, he told the kids at school "not only did I make the team but Coach D calls me Suga Shane!" Well, after five months of training hard and NEVER quitting, he had his first wrestling tournament today. The best way to put this is to read his mom's post of this young man:

Doctors said "He might not walk."

Shane proved that to be wrong. 

They said "He will never be the sports playing type."

Today, although he didn't medal, Shane WON his very 1st wrestling match!

Words will never describe the feelings we feel on this one!



#Proudestparentsintheworld - Kurt-Miranda Farmer

As for Coach D, this was one of the best moments of his career. He is so proud of Shane and what he has accomplished in such a short period of time. Who knows how far this kid will go. This was definitely a heart felt moment for Coach D and everyone at Strike Zone who watched this kid do what a lot of people thought he would never be able to do. So, when a doctor tells you you might not walk or won't play sports, or the kids at school tell you you're not going to make the team, Coach D has one thing to say "WRESTLE and prove them all wrong!!!" 

February 17, 2019

State Qualifiers

Killingly High School, Killingly, CT

Today our kids wrestled up in Killingly at the State Qualifiers. Zach took home Gold, Cam and Cal took home silver, Max took home Bronze, and James and Lukas placed 4th. All of them will be competing next week at the Kid State Championships. Sam, Lucas, and Joey wrestled their hearts out today in tough brackets but missed the medal rounds. All of our coaches and parents are proud of the hard work these kids have put in all season. A big shout out to Phil Wawrzynowicz and Tim Jonasch for stepping in and helping Coach Jeremy coach today. Great job by all!!!

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January 13, 2019

The Minutemen Royal Rumble

​Berlin High School, Berlin, CT

Getting used to the boys racking up some hardware!!! Today Calvin again won 2 Gold medals, Jesse Gold, Nicholas Gold, Cameron Gold, Joey Silver, and Lucas, Drake and Zach brought home Bronze. James, with a wicked tough bracket, took 4th. Also, our wrestling buddy, Chael, took Gold. It's awesome to continually watch each of these kids get better every time they step on the mat. Thanks to Coach Jesse for getting these boys ready every week. Great job by all!.

February 3, 2019

Husky Howl

St. Bernard School, Uncasville, CT

Wrestled close to home today at St. Bernard's HS. The morning session was crazy. We had kids wrestling everywhere, but when the dust settled we walked away with Calvin getting a Gold medal, Max to home Silver, and Drake, Mason, and Nicholas all fought hard and brought home Bronze medals. Sam, Aiden, along with Suga Shane had some awesome matches and finished the day in 4th place. The afternoon session brought us a Gold from Cameron. Calvin wrestled up and along with new comer Lukas pulled out Silver medals. Joey and James took home Bronze. Lucas, who scrapped all day in a tough bracket took 4th place. What a great day. All these young men did awesome today. They definitely make our coaching staff and parents proud!

January 27, 2019

Newington Beginner's Tournament

Newington High School, Newington, CT

Four of Strike Zone's wrestler's went to Newington for a beginner's tournament while the rest of the crew was in Killingly. Mason had an awesome day and brought home a Bronze medal, kids going to be a stud! Dillon the Villian, in his first tournament took home a Bronze medal. Dillon's brother, Nicholas, in his first tournament, wrestled incredible, won his first match and took 4th place. Great job Nicholas! Proud has heck of you little monsters! Thanks to Coach Jeremy and Coach Bryan for traveling to coach our boys.​​

Read below for an amazing story about our 4th wrestler that day.

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January 5, 2019

Reality Fighting 102

​Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT

Awesome night for Strike Zone!!! In MMA, our heavyweight, Jeremy "Deadpool" Woolfolk had an exciting fight and remains undefeated. Kurtis Froling, in his amateur debut, wins by rear naked choke. Randy Francis had a great fight against a tough opponent but lost by split decision. In Grappling, Alex Wyzatecki had an awesome match and won by heel hook. Alex was also awarded his brown belt after his fight. Congrats Alex!!! Kirkor Papasian had a tough match against a really skilled opponent, which ended in a draw. These guys train with each other and push each other week after week. All the hard work paid off. Strike Zone is proud!!!

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January 20, 2019

Spartan Battle of Champions

Somers High School, Somers, CT

Two Strike Zone brothers, Max and Sam, weathered the storm today and made it to Somers for wrestling today. Max, after a couple years off, battled his way to a Bronze medal. Younger brother, Sam, had a couple of great matches and took home Silver. Awesome job by these two. It was well worth the drive. 

March 2, 2019

King of The Mat

Thornton Academy, Saco, ME

One of our little guys won the King of the Mat Championships up in Maine! Awesome Job!!! Congrats to Chael, who was down 6-2 going into the last period of the finals. He turned it up big time in the last minute to bring home the Championship with a 9-6 win. LONG LIVE THE KING!

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