Greg was a National Judo Champion and ECC Wrestling Champion.  He started coaching Strike Zone's Wrestling program in 2014.  Greg continues to actively participate in wrestling competitions whenever possible. In July 2015, he won his first amateur MMA bout in Boxboro, MA.

Greg has been coaching Judo and wrestling for several years.  He was a Judo instructor with Kwang Moo Kwan and the Head Wrestling Coach for the Norwich Free Academy wrestling team.  Over the years, Greg has trained countless area youths.  He continues to work with and train the area high school wrestlers out of Team Strike Zone.  

Greg currently teaches Health Education at Eastern Connecticut State University and Physical Education and Health Education at the Integrated Day Charter School in Norwich.  Greg also assists wrestlers and fighters in developing nutritional programs prior to competitions.  

Greg has a true passion for wrestling and enjoys working with youth of all ages.  Greg started coaching Strike Zone's Wrestling program with the goal of developing youth wrestling in Norwich.  

Jody Sheeley


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Jeremy has been assisting with Strike Zone's Boxing program since the spring of 2015.  Jeremy started boxing during his time in the U.S. Marines. When his daughter, Kayla, began boxing he started to work with her.  Jeremy has the natural ability to coach and his assistance with the boxing program has been invaluable.  

Jarrid earned his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2013 .  He has competed and won numerous competitions, gi and no-gi.  Jarrid has been training MMA at Team Strike Zone since 2010 and started coaching submission grappling at Strike Zone in 2014.  He was the Amateur AFO 155 lb Champion and is 2-0 as a professional MMA fighter.  Prior to becoming a team member at Strike Zone Jarrid trained in kickboxing for 6 years.  

Jarrid is an exceptional Jiu Jitus technician and has an in-depth understanding of Submission Grappling and how it applies to MMA. 

Jarrid continues to train and develop his skills.  He continues to successfully compete in grappling tournaments and is looking forward to his next professional MMA fight.  

Team strike zone's coaches

​​John was a title contender for Reality Fighting and has successfully fought in several professional and amateur MMA bouts.  John has also competed successfully in submission grappling at the North American Grappling Association (NAGA).  John is a skilled and well rounded fighter with a gift to teach and motivate fighters.  

John started his martial arts journey when he was 6 years old.  He trained in Judo for a couple years and then started playing school sports.  He played baseball and football all through high school.  John started training at Strike Zone in 2007 and has since been a major part of Team Strike Zone.  He's Darryl's other right hand man and assists Darryl with setting up fights for his teammates.  

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Will Kerr 

MMA, Submission Grappling

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Jarrid Heon

Submission Grappling

Darryl MarcAurele  - Head Instructor

MMA, Submission Grappling, Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai

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John Naples 

MMA, Submission Grappling, Strength and Conditioning

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Jeremy Barboza


Greg Perry

​Wrestling, Judo

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​​ ​Strike Zone MMA / Team Strike Zone

 31 Clinton Avenue, Norwich, CT 06360

 ​(860) 908-2710

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Jody started boxing at the age of 15 at an old gym in downtown Norwich. He trained alongside former local pros John DeCastro and Felix Nance. Throughout the 80's, he trained at gyms in Hartford and Southeastern CT honing his skills.  At the age of 30 he walked away from boxing to start a family.  In 2003, he opened his own gym in Norwich out of his garage called "2nd Chance Gym", where he trained many amateur fighters. He ran his gym for three years and during that time his young boxers competed successfully in local, regional, and national tournaments.  

Jody was a firefighter for 21 years and retired from the City of Norwich in 2007.  For the past 13 years he has run and owned a landscaping business that keeps him very busy.  

​After taking several years off from being a boxing trainer, Jody came to Team Strike Zone, in October 2015, to temporarily assist with the boxing program.  He found that he really liked the feel of the gym and has decided to stay on as a coach for Strike Zone Boxing.  Jody is looking forward to continuing to be a part of Team Strike Zone as a boxing trainer, and being active again in one of his passions in life.

Will is a three-time WEC vetern, five-time New England MMA Champion, and a Regional Grappling Champion.  Will wrestled in high school and came to Strike Zone in 2003, where he started training in Boxing, MMA,  and Submission Wrestling.  Will competed successfully in amateur boxing, submission grappling, and competed professionally in MMA for five years with a record of 9-3.  

Hands down, Will is one of the best MMA fighters to come out of the North East. His friendly, quiet, laid-back manner catches most opponents and new teammates off guard. The most common phrase we hear at Strike Zone from fellow teammates is, "Will is NASTY!"  

Will has been a major part of Team Strike Zone since he walked through the door.  He's an excellent coach and has been Darryl's right hand man over the years. There is no one better to help teammates prepare for a fight.  He's been there, done it, and knows what it takes to get in the cage.

​​Darryl started training and coaching MMA fighters out of his garage until he was able to open Strike Zone MMA in 2001.  In September 2014, Darryl moved his team, known as "Team Strike Zone",  to 31 Clinton Avenue, Norwich, CT.  

​Darryl's wealth of knowledge comes from personally training and competing in various disciplines over the years.  He represented Team USA at the 1999 Sombo World Cup Championships in France and came home with a Silver Medal.  He placed 2nd at the National Judo Championships in 1983 and was a New England Muay Thai Champion in 1986.  In 2004, Darryl won the U.S. Mixed Martial Arts Championships.  He retired from MMA fighting with a record of 6-1.  

Darryl's road to MMA began when he decided to start wrestling while in high school. During his high school wrestling career Darryl was a two-time S.A.C Champ, LL Champ, two time Connecticut State Freestyle Champ, and two time New England Freestyle Champ. He placed 1st in the Northeast Regionals in Greco Roman and placed 2nd in Freestyle.  His record going into to the 1982 Junior National Championships in Iowa was 129-1 from March to July.  While at the Junior National Championships he placed 5th out of 65 wrestlers in Greco Roman and placed 7th out of 95 wrestlers in Freestyle to become Connecticut's first All American in both Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling.  

In 1982, Darryl was the recipient of the New England Wrestler of the Year Award, and also received the Sportsman of the Year Award from Norwich Sports Hall of Fame.  

Darryl continued with his wrestling career after high school.  In 1983, he placed 3rd in the World Team Trials in Greco Roman and was the 1988 Regional Olympic Qualifying Trials Champion.  He went on to win four more New England Freestyle Championships, was the 1989 AAU Greco Roman National Champion, won a silver medal at the National Championships in Freestyle, and was a two time Ironman Wrestling World Champion, which is three days of wrestling with a different style each day (Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco Roman).  

In 2014, Darryl was again recognized for his wrestling and mixed martial arts career by being inducted into Norwich Sports Hall of Fame.  

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