Will Kerr 

MMA, Submission Grappling

Will is a three-time WEC vetern, five-time New England MMA Champion, and a Regional Grappling Champion.  Will wrestled in high school and came to Strike Zone in 2003, where he started training in Boxing, MMA,  and Submission Wrestling.  Will competed successfully in amateur boxing, submission grappling, and competed professionally in MMA for five years with a record of 9-3.  

Hands down, Will is one of the best MMA fighters to come out of the North East. His friendly, quiet, laid-back manner catches most opponents and new teammates off guard. The most common phrase we hear at Strike Zone from fellow teammates is, "Will is NASTY!"  

Will has been a major part of Team Strike Zone since he walked through the door.  He's an excellent coach and has been Darryl's right hand man over the years. There is no one better to help teammates prepare for a fight.  He's been there, done it, and knows what it takes to get in the cage.